Friday, May 22, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Sometimes I have random thoughts, "braindrops" if you like, that don't fall under any particular heading. I save them up like string and every now and then throw them into a miscellaneous post like this.

Congratulations to Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor. It's nice to see someone with such humble beginnings rise to such a prominent position in life, and I'm sure she is a wonderful role model for minorities everywhere, whether or not she is confirmed. We need to be careful here though. As heartwarming and affirming as her personal story may be, we need Supreme Court Justices who will allow the United States Constitution to guide their decisions. That document, envied the world over, contains all the protections we need as citizens of the United States. No individual Justice's prejudices or personal opinions should be allowed to supersede it, no matter how interesting their personal story.

Did you ever read the back of weekly church bulletins? I know, I should be paying attention to the sermon, but I find it hard to focus when the priest keeps repeating himself until he reaches the allotted 10 minutes. Anyhow, the sponsors of the bulletin are almost always funeral homes or doctors. Do they think only the sick and dying come to church? How about Costco or Home Depot jumping in with ads for the "not almost dead" reader. I wouldn't mind finding a good deal on new tires while Father Redundant drones on.

Jerry Seinfeld had a funny bit about aliens landing on earth and concluding that dogs were the rulers of the planet after seeing humans scooping up their messes. I have nothing against dogs, but any chance of me ever becoming a dog owner evaporated after they passed that pooper scooper law. I could deal with feeding and caring for a dog, walking them when they needed to go out, and taking them to the vet as necessary, but the idea of me trailing a mutt around with a little plastic bag until they decided the moment was right to poop....ain't happenin'.

What's with all the ads on the radio that end with some speed-talker reeling off the sponsor's disclaimers at 1,000 words a minute? How can this be allowed in an age when consumer advocates are lurking behind every rock? If there are conditions that alter any claims or warranties just made about the product in perfectly understandable English, then the verbal equivalent of the "small print" in a contract should have to be read in understandable English too.

I understand that fashion has its twists and turns, and that styles come and go...I only have to look in the family album at some of the clothes we wore back then that look so ridiculous now. But there is one trend that I just don't get...the guys with the pants worn down around their knees with their underwear showing. I think the look started in poor black ghettos, was popularized by black rappers, and has now been adopted by white "wanna be's". I won't have to wait fifty years to know this look is ridiculous, it's ridiculous now. Pull up your damn pants!

What my car
looks like
to birds.

More random thoughts to come; signing off for now. Th.. Th.. That's All Folks.


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