Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I Wonder About

The new health care initiative is good in the sense that it provides universal coverage, but troubling in that the costs will be borne by working people for the benefit of non-working people. It reinforces the entitlement mentality, and minimizes the incentive to work....very bad for America.

How can there be any tractor trailers left on the road when every day hundreds of them are involved in highway accidents.

Has anyone ever actually rolled in the aisles?

If broccoli is good for you and chocolate is bad, why can't science make broccoli taste like chocolate and vice-versa?

Should the government regulate and tax things they deem to be unhealthy for us? Seems to me the minute they start making money on our unhealthy habits, their motives come into question. It's as if they're saying: We'll let you harm yourself by continuing to use these products as long as you pay us for the privilege.

Why do young guys wear down jackets and Bermuda shorts in the winter?

Why do delivery trucks double park when there is plenty of room at the curb?

Why do some major retail stores tolerate poor service. The other day in Sears, a clerk studiously ignored me while I was looking for help. She looked like she was ashamed to admit she worked for Sears. For a store that is on the ropes, they sure have a lousy attitude.

How can New York City pay Police Officers a starting salary of $26,000?

After the Bernie Madoff scandal and the failure of major banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies, to whom can I entrust my money?

New York City has an experimental program in place where they pay people to engage in "good" behavior like getting health insurance, attending parent-teacher conferences, setting up bank accounts and visiting the dentist. Just when I think we've hit bottom on our march to creeping Socialism, somebody drains a few more feet out of the pool.

Do all big lottery winners look like they were just evicted from a trailer park?

Lady Gaga has had her songs downloaded over a billion times. I wonder how many downloads Peggy Lee has?


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Joseph Del Broccolo said...

Well keep in mind that whatever tastes good, and is deemed bad, I will get reminded by the do gooders from the press, after all, we have to sell papers.
The recent TV news promo: "Man overeats to death, more at eleven" scares me, since the one at 11 can be prevented!