Monday, May 24, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Have you heard that radio jingle: " 1-877-Kars for Kids?' I will donate one million dollars to that organization if they promise to take that annoying kid and the hick who sings with him and drop them off the Empire State Building. Is there a better dessert on the planet than Tartufo? My ranking of drivers from worst to best: Asian women; Asian men; all other women; all other men; and finally, me. What's with road signs in New Jersey? They will put up a sign saying the Garden State Parkway is 30 miles away, but no sign marking the Jersey Turnpike entrance 500 yards away. Somebody should recommend a good hair stylist for Mark Harmon, star of the CBS hit show, "NCIS". With that ten dollar haircut he looks like Boo Radley.

I am the only person left in the country who has never seen "American Idol". How cruelly ironic that I can't grow hair on top of my head, but I have these lovely flowing tufts growing out of my ears. One of the best shows on TV for my money is "24" with Kiefer Sutherland as super agent Jack Bauer. Saw a great "American Masters" last night on PBS about the life and career of classy lady Lena Horne...beautiful, talented, and principled. Illegal immigration is turning two of our most beautiful states, California and Arizona, into welfare havens for criminals. The quality of life for legal residents of these states is declining while the tax burden for all of us is burgeoning. Guess what the Federal Government is doing about, zero, nada. Americans, learn Spanish!

When did we start caring so much about the so-called rights of captured enemy combatants. How many Americans have to be killed before we stop treating these people like visiting tourists. There are so many things on the forbidden food list, how did our grandparents eat what they wanted and live to a ripe old age? If I wasn't able to record my favorite shows and had to watch TV with all the commercials, I'd kill myself. A drink at most bars today costs 10-15 bucks. A bottle of booze yields 22-23 drinks. How much money do they need to make on a $30 bottle of scotch? NYC cops are really busting chops with B.S. tickets...I guess the city is so desperate for revenue they feel the need to harass honest citizens.

I know Tiger Woods sowed the seeds (no pun intended) of his own downfall, but he must feel like he's living his worst nightmare. I would trade my monthly social security check for the sum of one dollar for every moron I see doing something stupid behind the wheel of a car in a month. I can remember the lyrics to songs I first heard 50 years ago...Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, Irving Berlin, Richard Rogers...too many modern songs consist of the same phrase repeated over and over, no imagination. Anyone else have problems holding on to those crescent-shaped cubes that come from the refrigerator ice maker? My friend just bought a car for $45,000 dollars. In 1971 we paid 45,000 for our house. Sarah Jessica I missing something?

Andrew Cuomo is running for Governor of New York on a reform platform. Given the disgrace that New York politics has become, this is welcome news for the people. Standing squarely in the way and ready to defend the status quo, as he is anytime reform is mentioned, is Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Guys like Silver are allowed to amass too much power which in turn allows them and their campaign-financing allies to kill worthwhile reform initiatives. Cuomo needs to get in touch with his father Mario's old cronies with the bent noses and put out a contract on Silver for the good of all New Yorkers. I'm sick of him.


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The Whiner said...

Actually I have never seen American Idol either. Never. Not one episode and am proud of it. And no, there is no better dessert than the tartufo.

The Whiner said...

Oh and I drop those blasted crescent shaped cubes every time I pick one up.

As for Sarah Jessica Parker...I don't know what's so great about her either, and for that matter, is wondering why everyone is acting like the Sex and the City 2 movie is the second coming of Christ.

As for women drivers, watch it old man, because someday you'll need this woman driver to break out of the old folks home.

Joseph Del Broccolo said...

Do you know that in LA, English is becoming a second language! There are more Mexicans running all the businesses than in Mexico! I'm sick of the whole immigration mess made by RFK and his policies as a NY Senator from Massechusettes back in the 60's and the so-called immigration laws. They stopped Europeans from coming here, so we could dumb down somewhat and cater to the less inspired.

Jim Pantaleno said...

I'm all for legal immigration for all, but somewhere along the line, we lost sight of the "legal" part and now we are being overrun.