Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Over, America

If you want evidence of how far down the evolutionary scale we've slid, just take a few minutes to watch the Maury Povich show. The show often veers into what critics call trash TV, and is known for a segment called "Who's the Daddy?" during which men who are denying paternity (or who wanted to know if they really were the father) are given DNA tests and the results revealed on the air. I came across this show the other day when students in a class I was teaching were watching it while on a break. I thought I had seen the worst television had to offer until this crap crawled across the screen.

Most of the "contestants" I saw were Black or Hispanic, not exactly a ringing endorsement for the lifestyles of these groups. For the segments I watched before I felt my breakfast coming up, the women came out first and told Maury their stories. Often there was another woman on stage, a past or current girlfriend of the mystery daddy, who either was also wronged by this man, or who is there to defend his virtue. The two women sometimes scream at and threaten each other, all the while holding a poor bewildered child who looks on in confusion, the unfortunate victim of these lunatics. The mystery daddy then comes out and tells his side. More accusations and screaming. Then comes the magic moment when Maury announces the DNA results. More screams, crying, sometimes vigorous physical assaults, a-a-a-nd CUT.

The phrase "Have you no shame" immediately came to mind as I was watching this garbage. Clearly the participants on the show are picked for their flair for the dramatic, and then encouraged to crank it up when the cameras roll. The mothers all look like sad but dumb ho's clearly taken advantage of by greasy Lotharios who haunt the Hood looking for easy pickings. One man had fathered children with three other different women besides the one accusing him on stage. He seemed proud that he had impregnated all these idiots who then gave birth to children the State had to pay for raising. He was smarmy and cocky and I wanted to put my foot through the screen to wipe the smirk off his face.

How sad that Maury Povich, once a respected journalist and news anchor, has sunk so low. It must be hard for these egoists when the spotlight gets turned off. I don't know what else could explain their willingness to go on a show that parades these misfits before the public. Even sadder is that there is an audience for this muck. How f***ed up is your life that you need to waste time watching this trailer-park freak show. I know these lowlifes are out there leading their dysfunctional lives; it's bad enough I have to pay for their folly, do I have to watch it unfold in my living room! If you're feeling brave, here's a sample. Ugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9lGq_oXtQc


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