Monday, August 8, 2011

America's in Trouble

What is happening to our country? America was the role model for the world, the country every other country wanted to be. The American Revolution sounded the clarion call for liberty and the end of tyranny. Abraham Lincoln fought a war to end slavery and give every man the rights guaranteed in our Constitution. We beat Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito, making the world safe for Democracy. We put a man on the moon and put the last nail into the coffin of Communism. We were at the top of our game. Now we're drowning in debt; many of our people would rather live off the sweat of others than go to work themselves; our leaders spend more energy fighting with each other than for the country; and there is a sense of hopelessness everywhere you look in our land.

Our economy is in a shambles. If we reduced government spending by one-hundred million dollars a day, it would take us 389 years to pay off the trillions we owe. I just can't get my head around that kind of statistic. 47% of Americans pay zero in Federal Income taxes. That means roughly half the country is working to support the other half. Stop the giveaways and the entitlements immediately. Reward those who get jobs and improve their education, but stop handing our free money to those who refuse to do anything to earn it. Poverty is the greatest incentive in the world for work and self-improvement. When the government takes that incentive away through welfare, people are no longer motivated to get to a better place and the rest of us are forced to pick up the tab.

The faces of our enemies have changed. They hide behind innocent women and children to fight their war of terror, driven by a ruthless lunatic fringe whose religion demands they slaughter those whose beliefs may be different from theirs. We lose the flower of our youth in wars of attrition, with never a clear victory. The "allies" we try to cultivate in these backward Third World regions take our billions in aid while secretly harboring those whose aim is to exterminate us. It's time to take off the kid gloves and stop worrying about our methods of interrogating prisoners of war. Either we seek out and ruthlessly eradicate these elements by any means necessary, or we fold up our tents and bring our soldiers home to their families.

We set term limits for all political jobs. The argument against that is: well what if we get a really good incumbent who we don't want to get rid of after a set term? Here's my answer: out of 100 politicians, how many would you really want to keep when their term limit was up? Not many. More often than not, people like Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid (yes, Republicans too) stay in power too long. They use their influence for mainly one thing: to stay in power. They forget why the people sent them to office. They look for ways to use our tax dollars to fund more entitlements for their constituents, who in turn vote them back into office, and the cycle continues.

Finally, we take a hard look at who gets to vote. Unless you can cast at least a minimally informed ballot, why should you have a say in who gets to run the country. I know someone who, at a job interview recently, was asked just one question by the senior manager at the table: "Can you name the last five U.S. Presidents?" I'm not suggesting we quiz every voter in depth, but surely you should know a little about the issues and what your candidate stands for. If you barely have the brains to find the voting lever for the party you have been told to vote for to keep the freebies coming, then we don't need your vote. If you are so disinterested in the country's future, then let the rest of us decide who to put in office. 

If any Liberal should read this by mistake, please spare me your comments. You've done enough to screw up this country.


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Joseph Del Broccolo said...

It seems to me the real enemies of this once great country are the liberal bent. They seek to stiffle any sense of protecting ourselves, (racial profiling), they force down our throats mixed messages about the economy, when thy know darn well they are mostly responsible for all the over spending that leads to the mess we are in today. We give away benefits that should be earned by allowing the sanctimonious liberals to say we have no heart. We are throwing away everything my grandparents believed in when they came here, and giving away everything they worked for to the new immigrants who won't learn the language called English, so we make everything bi-lingual. (That by the way cost more money.)