Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Law and Order

I just read in today's paper that the Bronx District Attorney's office throws out twice the number of arrests than the NYC average for the other boroughs. Police are frustrated to see arrests they work very hard to make either plea bargained down to ridiculously lenient charges or dismissed altogether. Even Assistant D.A.s in that office want to push harder for prosecutions, but claim their hands are tied by "top down" policies. In defense of his policies, Robert Johnson, Bronx D.A., was quoted as saying: "We take the deprivation of an individual's liberties very seriously." Guess what Bobby: the people of the Bronx take crimes committed against them very seriously too, and put you in office to protect them!

Every lawyer or cop show I watch makes it clear that prosecution of criminals to the fullest extent of the law is no longer anybody's priority. Costs drive our justice system now. Criminals know this and the deterrent of punishment no longer gives them pause before committing a crime. WIth a haircut, a clean suit and a good lawyer, any crook it seems can get his or her sentence plea bargained down without even going to trial. This wasn't always the case in New York. Tough prosecutors like Robert Morgenthau, backed up by tough judges put a lot of bad people away. Organized criminal enterprises like the Mafia (get over it my fellow Italians, it does exist) were cut down and nearly eliminated. This was accomplished by courageous men and women unafraid of threats or reprisals, not by cowards like Robert Johnson who forget what side of the law they are on.

Ever since the Miranda Law was passed, the rights of criminals seem more important to our society than the rights of victims. I detest police brutality, but I also detest the idea of tying the hands of our cops so that they are afraid to do their jobs. This not only jeopardizes their safety, but ours as well. High-minded Liberal legislators pass these laws protecting criminals because it's not their asses in that dark alley trying to collar some drug-crazed felon who is probably armed than they are. Every time a cop fires his or her weapon, the wheels of the bureaucracy begin to turn; reams of forms must be filled out and the lynch mobs start the investigations, led by dirt bags like Al Sharpton. I refuse to refer to him as "Reverend." We are a society of laws, but some common sense must prevail or we will surely lose to the bad guys.

Even those cases that make it to trial are at the mercy of juries so dumb that it beggars belief. Defense attorneys have become expert at choosing jurors who will sympathize with their clients for whatever reason. All it takes is one vote to hang a jury. There should be more to jury duty given all that is at stake. If you are too stupid to understand the evidence that is put before you, or unwilling to convict no matter the preponderance of evidence, then you should be excused. Every defendant is entitled to a fair trial, but we the people should be entitled to some protection too. It's not right that a murderer like O.J. Simpson should be set free among us because of biased jurors, aided and abeted by incompetent prosecutors, a highly unqualified judge, and evidence-cooking cops. We deserve a better system.

I wonder how long before we learn that the Bronx D.A. is on the take. District Attorneys are supposed to prosecute crimes, not dismiss them. Here's my solution: We need more dedicated and courageous prosecutors with the mandate to take cases to trial; justice is not served by plea bargaining and it should be reduced to an absolute minimum; finally, bring back the death penalty and use it.


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Joseph Del Broccolo said...

The most important point is that justice is not being served!

The Whiner said...

I like Uncle Arthur's solution: Arm the public.