Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupy This

So the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators are back. The city is gearing up to spend millions protecting the rest of us against these lazy lowlifes. Why aren't they out banging on doors looking for work instead of tying up the city and making life miserable for the working people of the world. The answer is that work is not on their agenda. These are the folks who are still sorry they weren't around for Woodstock, and would rather spend their days protesting against anything remotely to do with "the establishment". Well I'm a proud member of the establishment who resents these bums living off my sweat while they skewer the very system that provides the freebies they live on. To suggest they are the 99% is insulting to every working person. More like the 5% of malcontents who freely exercise their right to complain, but who never come up with any solutions. I hope today's rain drowns them like the rats they are.

New York is a busy city with traffic problems unlike most other cities face. We just had a serious accident over the weekend where an SUV went off the highway and plunged into the Bronx Zoo below. In today's paper there are headlines that scream about this dangerous road. How about the fact that the woman driving the SUV was doing 70 in a 50 zone and apparently collided with a divider before she and six family members tragically fell to their deaths. There is always construction in progress on New York City roads. They take a terrible pounding and need constant repair. Temporary lanes are often poorly marked, and despite the signs urging caution, people drive as if conditions were normal. They do this in fog, pounding rain, ice and snow. Truth be told, the roads are not as dangerous as the thoughtless people driving on them. Unless that changes, we are doomed to see headlines like the sad one today.

I heard on the radio this morning that a group recently completed a study concluding that physical and mental exercise can help delay the onset of problems associated with old age. Wow, what a breakthrough! How did they ever have the foresight to make that leap. The medical profession has been preaching this message for decades, so what's new about this study's findings? Do they have any added insights for us? It wouldn't normally bother me so much that some group of researchers wants to waste their time validating a concept that has already been proven countless times over. What does hock me off is that somebody's money undoubtedly went to pay for this study. What a waste of resources. There are so many worthy research causes like cancer, Alzheimer's,  and birth defects that go begging for money while these pinheads spin their wheels and spend good money going over old ground. I think we need a Presidential Cabinet-level post called Secretary of Common Sense to stop this nonsense.

And finally, a word about my least favorite sport, hockey. The New York Rangers are in the thick of the months-long Stanley Cup playoffs, and as a New Yorker and a sports fan, I should be excited; I'm not. Hockey could be a good game but for the fighting. It takes skill to maneuver a puck around the ice and into the goal...why spoil that by encouraging players to take off their gloves and start swinging at each other for no reason? I'm not talking about the incidental fights that break out in all contact sports; these are natural and unavoidable. What I despise is teams hiring players whose main skills are with their fists. They intentionally target the other teams' star players in intentional efforts to get them penalized or thrown out of the game. There should be no place in sports for such thuggery. We once visited the Stanley Cup in Toronto, Canada. Memo to the NHL powers that be: hockey would have a lot more fans if you strongly discouraged felonious assault on the ice.


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Joseph Del Broccolo said...

The fact that people don't pay attention to road warnings make the road dangerous! You are absolutely right about that! Great point,James.