Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with all its devastation, I love the car dealers and department stores that are trying to peddle their sleazy merchandise in the guise of "relief for Sandy victims." Have you no shame. Sales are so slow that they will stop at nothing to unload mounting inventory. If you're so concerned, write a check to a bona fide relief agency, or give your employees a day off if they volunteer to help with the cleanup. Don't try to con us with this make-believe concern when it's all just a ploy to make money. Same goes for the people who live in areas that were hit hard, and are scamming the relief services for money, even though they personally didn't suffer any real loss. When that Wheel of Life spins around, payback is a bitch for bums like you.

Saw the first installment of Oliver Stone's enlightening new show: "Untold History of the United States". The Showtime series "...runs over 10 one-hour episodes, beginning in World War II and continuing through the Obama administration". With newsreel footage, extensive research and Stone’s own understated narration, “Untold History” revisits familiar events, but professes to dispel the myths of history through a more objective retelling of the facts. For example, Stone states that contrary to accepted beliefs it wasn't America and Britain that defeated  Germany in WWII, but really the superhuman effort expended by the Russians. Their defeat of German forces at the bloody battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in the war, and proved Hitler was not invincible. Also, he points out that Russia suffered a staggering 27 million casualties compared to 1 million for The U.S. and England combined. Can't wait for episode 2.

I love Governor Chris Christie. He may sometimes speak intemperately, but he is totally honest and you always know where he stands. So many politicians never give a straight answer to a question; that's why they became politicians. Christie talks the way people talk on the street. When frustrated New Jerseans were calling utility companies to jam up their phone lines and harass them so they'd respond more quickly to power restoration efforts, Christie told them on the air to "Cut the crap and let these people do their jobs". You won't ever hear Chuck Schumer, Christine Quinn, or any other fence-sitting politico speak with such plain passion for fear of offending somebody. That's why Christie is worth ten of them. I hope I live to vote for him for President one day. Then I can go to that big golf course in the sky knowing the country, and my children's future are in good hands.

Sometimes we take for granted the people who provide the services we count on. That is until some disaster like the Trade Center attacks and the recent hurricane again remind us that they must leave their own families in troubled times so they can help ours. They were interviewing two local precinct cops recently on television about the heroism they displayed during Hurricane Sandy in rescuing stranded people along the battered Staten Island shore. The male officer said he thought of his own two daughters as motivation for helping families get to safety. The female said that situations like these are why she joined the make a difference. You could sense they were uncomfortable talking about their personal roles, and stressed that it was a team effort. I was so glad to see them recognized for their thankless task of running into danger when everyone else is running away. May God keep them all safe.


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