Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enough is Enough!

Time for a serious rant. Americans are becoming weak. Slowly but surely the social and political tamperers have taken all the spirit out of us. Surviving members of the "Greatest Generation" who made incalculable sacrifices to keep this country free must be shaking their heads wondering why they bothered. Politicians with real vision and courage like Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan and the great reformer Fiorello LaGuardia are pacing up in the clouds wondering what the hell happened to their country. Specifics, you want specifics? Okay, here they are:

The Great Depression was the worst economic period in modern American history. It would have been easy for people to throw up their hands and surrender, waiting for the government to do something, but instead they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and made this country roar again. Men bartered work for food to feed their families. People banded together to help one another through terrible times. Now, when hardships come, people whine and look for the government to provide. Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment insurance is not enough...they want more. There are jobs out there, maybe not the ones they feel they deserve, or they might have to work two jobs to make ends meet, but instead they'd rather take even more of other people's money. Get off your fat ass and work.!

This punk Julian Assange from Wikileaks should be stood up against a wall and shot. Besides releasing classified diplomatic documents that could harm the country, he just released a list of facilities that the government believes are critical security sites. What purpose does he serve, this accused rapist...he's like a little kid in the schoolyard chanting: "I know a secret and I'm going to teeeelll." What bothers me even more than his traitorous actions are the people who hold this schmuck up as a first-amendment hero! If the authors of the first amendment were here today to rule on what should be done to Mr. Assange, they would have the bastard drawn and quartered.

I'm tired of apologizing. I don't care if people are so sensitive about what we call them that I have to check Google every day to see what the latest politically correct term is. Lady, don't hate me for offering you my seat on the subway or not letting that door slam in your face. It's how I was raised. And don't wish me a Happy Holiday. It reminds me of how we let the minority make us feel guilty for wishing people a Merry Christmas. I don't own slaves. Nobody in my family ever owned slaves. The people who should pay reparations for slavery are dead 100 years now, so don't hand me the tab. When I go to a restaurant with you and order a steak, don't tell me how horribly the cow died or how red meat will shorten my life. Just eat that pile of whatever is on your plate and shut up.

America is becoming a country that punishes success and rewards failure. Despite the government's best efforts to redistribute my money, I won't apologize for managing, through hard work and thrift, to save a few bucks and put three kids through college. I'm not sorry for having a little nest egg that my wife and I earned by getting our college degrees at night and working our tails off. What I am sorry about is that the people who are stealing my hard-earned money through wealth redistribution didn't have the ambition or the will to benefit from the same public school system we used, or the drive to start at the bottom and build a career for themselves. The American dream is still out there if you want to work for it; it's not as easy though as living off the labor of others.

And finally, I'm ashamed that our once respected (or feared if you prefer) country, the model for the rest of the world, is now reduced to playing catch-up. I was thrilled to see President Obama show some guts by sending American warships to join the Republic of South Korea in military exercises when that freaky little gnome from North Korea shelled and killed innocent civilians. Based on his track record as "The Great Apologizer" I naturally thought the Pres would apologize to North Korea for South Korean civilians having got in the way of their artillery shells and spoiling their naval drills. If Obama had been in Truman's shoes back in 1945, we might be having sushi for Thanksgiving dinner today.

We, as individuals and as a nation, have to rediscover our backbones and restore common sense to American life. When certain groups commit acts of terrorism or commit the bulk of crimes in this country, we should stop worrying about hurting their feelings and profile them for special treatment until their behavior changes. When people flout our laws and enter the country illegally demanding benefits, we should round them up and send them back where they came from. This country was built on the idea of democracy and majority rule; we need to stop letting the minority call the tune. Before we forget them entirely, let's get back to the values that built this country and made it great. Enough with the grovelling already.


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joe del broccolo said...

Quit dreaming, the liberals will never stop apologizing for being what we once were.