Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Thoughts

If I had to live in another time and place, it would be England in the late 1880s. The English were so civilized and the British Empire was at its height. Of course I would have to be an aristocrat (a minor Dukedom would do) because the common man really didn't have much of a life. 

In a perfect world, the four food groups would be pizza, ice cream, chocolate and wine.

I don't get the Hasidic Jewish community...they are up in arms and demand police action when someone chalks a swastika on the sidewalk, but they continue to shield child molesters in their clergy. The Catholic church does the same thing. They all need to be held accountable.

Charlie Rangel reelected again despite being 82, out of ideas, and with a raft of ethics charges hanging over his head. We will never progress as a society until people stop voting for candidates because they are the same color and choose them instead for their brains and integrity.

I think intra-city sports rivalries are a good thing up to a point. I'm a lifelong Yankee fan, but if the Mets make it to the World Series, I'll be rooting hard for them. It isn't necessary to hate one team just because you like another. We should stand up for our city no matter who's representing it.

This Sandusky affair in Pennsylvania is just too hard to bear. This man abused children for decades and nobody saw fit to take action? I just saw the state Attorney General making a self-serving statement about people asking: "Who Would Believe a Child...we would." Well honey, that belief took about 20 years too long to act on. Shame on anyone who turned the other way.

Just heard on the radio about a man in Queens (last name Munoz I think) who in the past few years has cooked and served 70,000 meals for people who need them using just donations from those who care to help. It's stories like this that keep me from being a complete cynic. God bless this angel.

We push kids too fast to grow up. Parents are obsessed with getting their children into "gifted and talented" pre-schools. How can you tell if a kid is gifted when he's still pooping his pants! Give kids a chance to be kids for a while...the cold, cruel world will intrude soon enough.

Mayor Bloomberg should be worried more about Costco than large size sodas. Ever see the beauties prowling those aisles? Their wagons are overflowing with 90 oz. peanut butters, the six-dozen size Snickers, and buckets o' butter. They line up for little cut-up samples of anything...they don't care as long as its food and free.

Who makes toilet paper for commercial rest rooms? They put it on these gigantic wheels and it is impossible to find the end where the paper begins. You sit there like an idiot rolling this wheel around in the hope that somehow the end will become unraveled and you can finally go home.

Ever see toll collectors in action when someone's EZ Pass doesn't work? They move like they were wading through molasses. It takes them forever to make that long trip two toll booths over in their best "I'm here all day so it doesn't matter how fast I work" stroll. Cretins.

Self-checkout aisles at super markets seemed like a good idea when it first started. When you have three items and you get in line behind the woman shopping for her entire extended family, you look for any way to just get off that line. The system has its problems though. How often do I hear: "Please remove item from the bagging area" when there's nothing in the G.D. bagging area? Then there is the joy of rotating that price sticker every which way and waiting in vain for the scanner to beep its approval. As a way of paying the store back for these inconveniences, I put high priced items of produce on the scanner and push the little pictures of the cheapest produce on the screen. The stupid machine dutifully accepts my little deception. It helps even things out.


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The Whiner said...

Oh I do LOVE Random Thought posts! So many grumbles, so little time. Today 2 fat asses slowly walked in front of my car (when I had a green light) while stuffing their faces with McDonaldsas they were walking. I wanted to blow the horn right through their GD french fries.

Jim Pantaleno said...

Grumbling keeps me from more drastic action.